Mobile Laser Tag and Mini Putt of Ottawa

Being outdoors has always been fun, but now they are amongst the safest activities you can do during COVID. 

We specialize in affordable laser tag and mini putt that enhance special events in the Ottawa area. We have done hundreds of birthday parties, team building events, fairs, Canada Day events, sports team parties, school and church fun days, and fundraising events.  All have been made better by adding laser tag, mini putt or both.

We are Ottawa based, but are certainly mobile having traveled to the high arctic in January.

How does COVID-19 effect outdoor activities?

Click here to learn how outdoor laser tag and miniputt can be a safe and fun options.


Who uses FunLight for laser tag?

Parents: Whether it’s a laser tag birthday party or adding mini putt to a graduation celebration it is a snap.  No need to schedule pickups and car pools for kids going to some distant centre to play a game of laser tag or round of mini putt – FunLight comes to you.  Your backyard may be big enough, or a park/forest that is a walkable distance from your house.  Everyone comes to your house and you control everything.

Sports team managers:  Nothing is easier than for organising a start of the year team building party than picking a place (someone’s big backyard, a local park, or forest), booking laser tag or mini putt, and creating a sign up list for food.  Check done.

Camp organisers:  Tired of doing the math of busing costs plus event costs to coordinate exciting events like laser tag and mini putt?  Why not flip the script and get FunLight to bring the laser tag to you.  Odds are you already have the space as a part of your camp, just have us bring laser tag or mini putt (or both, or both on different days) and let your councillors become the kids’ favourite target.


Why You Choose FunLight:

  • CONVENIENCE: We bring everything you need for a complete experience. You just have to have the eager participants.
  • CONTROL: The only people at your event are the ones you invite.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: During a typical 60 minute event we run 10+ games – the 10 you want.
  • CREDIBILITY: We have been running mobile laser tag in and around Ottawa (and across the country) for over a decade.

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FunLight Mobile Laser Tag of Ottawa

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